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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Forgiveness from A Disfigured Half Faced Woman

Woman Left Disfigured by Church Bombing Shares Visions of Jesus, Message for Attacker's Family

A Christian woman who was left disfigured by a bombing at St. Peter's Church in Cairo in December 2016 has said that Jesus miraculously kept her alive and continues appearing to her in visions.

Samiha Tawfiq Awad shared in an Open Doors USA piece last week that she and her husband, Qalini, attended the church on the morning of Dec. 11 when radicals detonated a large bomb in the women's section, where she was sitting.
The twin suicide bombings that day at St. Peter and St. Paul's Church in Cairo left 24 Christians dead and 49 injured, with many of the women close to the explosion suffering severe disfigurement to their faces.
Qalini rushed his wife to the hospital, though she was hardly recognizable after the attack, and doctors warned him she might not survive.
Awad not only pulled through, however, but experienced visions of Jesus she says have filled her heart not with anger toward the attackers, but with forgiveness.

"The doctors might've given up on Samiha, but God had another plan!" Qalini exclaimed.
The woman recalled that doctors put her on the list of dead victims right from the beginning.
"The doctors thought it was useless to treat me, so they just came to check on me now and then to see if I was already dead. But I stayed alive," she recalled.
Doctors eventually put her through surgery, and she is alive and well now, even though she is missing half her face.
"I remember that I saw Jesus on the ceiling when I was lying on the ground after the explosion," she said of one of her first visions of Jesus.
Christ kept appearing to her in the hospital as well, she recalled.
"I would have been willing to die for Jesus," Awad said, "but the fact that He kept me alive so miraculously tells me that He wants me to live."
The Christian husband said that forgiving the people who attacked the church and put his wife through so much suffering is not an easy thing, but pointed to Jesus' Words on the Sermon of the Mount, where Christ calls for the forgiveness of enemies.
Awad said that she doesn't have anger for the attackers.
"If I would meet the family of the attacker, the only thing I would ask them is: 'Do you know Jesus?' I pray they will find the right way," she expressed.

Coptic Bishop Anba Angaelos told The Christian Post days after the attack in December 2016 that despite the shock and the tragedy, Christians in E

Did God Help the Eagles Win the Super Bowl?

Did God Help the Eagles Win the Super Bowl?

Does God really get involved in sports events? Does He care who wins a boxing match – or a football game?
I was once heard the story of a father and son who were watching a boxing match. When the fight started, one of the boxers crossed himself, prompting the son to ask, "Dad, will that help him win the fight?" The father responded, "Only if he can punch." And that begs the question: Does God really get involved in sports events? Does He care who wins a boxing match – or a football game?
On the one hand, you could argue that God is sovereign, and if He knows the number of hairs on our head, and not one bird falls to the ground apart from Him (Matthew 10:29-30), then yes, He gets involved in sports as well. After all, hundreds of millions of people watch sports events, and their lives are affected positively or negatively by sports. It would make sense that God gets involved.
On the other hand, you could argue that it is absurd to think that God gets involved with something as idolatrous as sports, with football (not the Lord) dominating our Sundays, with billions of dollars lost on betting, with violence being celebrated, and with people getting more excited about the score of a game than about the fate of the world. It would make sense that God does not get involved.
Looking at this pragmatically, no coach-player duo has had more success in the Super Bowl era than Bill Belichik and Tom Brady, and neither of them, to my knowledge, profess to be men of strong faith. And didn't they have a seemingly miraculous, come from behind victory in last year's Super Bowl?
And think of Tim Tebow, perhaps the most visible born-again Christian ever to play in the NFL. He didn't make it in the NFL, while strong Christians like Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson both suffered season-ending injuries. Why didn't God protect them?
As for the outcome of Super Bowl LII, there were no miraculous-type plays (like David Tyree's helmet catch or Franco Harris's "immaculate reception"), and the most unusual play (a ricocheted pass that became an interception) went against the Eagles.
But perhaps we're viewing this the wrong way.
Rather than looking for signs of divine intervention, what if we simply look for the practical fruit of strong faith? What if we look for the positive effect that strong Christian commitment had on the Eagles? And what if we consider the fact that, as followers of Jesus, we are do to everything for His glory (see 1 Corinthians 10:31; Colossians 3:17)?
Throughout the year, I read about the deep Christian commitment of quarterback Carson Wentz. Then, after his injury, he was replaced by backup Nick Foles, also a deeply committed Christian. And the quarterback coach, Frank Reich, himself a former NFL player, served as a seminary president before returning to football.
Not only so, but the head coach of the Eagles, Doug Pedersen, had been working at the high school level 9 years ago and was voted the worst coaching hire in the NFL in 2016. When asked after the game how he could explain going from high school coach 9 years ago to winning the Super Bowl, he responded, "I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity. . . ." How many coaches are so bold?
And the two other players interviewed at the end of the game, tight-end Zach Ertz and quarterback Nick Foles, both openly glorified the Lord.
In fact, earlier in the week, Ertz told reporters that as a follower of Jesus, his number one goal was to make disciples, while Foles shared that he's currently enrolled in seminary and would one day like to be a high school pastor.
To put things in further perspective, former NFL coach (and current TV commentator) Tony Dungy, himself a committed Christian, tweeted that after "all the celebrations and confetti," his 11-year-old Justin "caught up with the 3 Eagles QBs Nick Foles, Carson Wentz & Nate Sudfeld along with Zach Ertz who scored the winning TD. They were in a room by themselves—praying and thanking God. It was great for him to see that."
So, these men, after one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history and enjoying a sports high that hardly any of us could relate to, were alone in a room, praying and thanking God.
Could it be, then, that rather than the Lord supernaturally helping them (or, hurting the Patriots, who doubtless had some strong Christians too), it was the Christian character of many on the team that helped them in key moments? That their strong faith foundation enabled them to perform so well under so much pressure? And that, perhaps, it was Coach Pederson's confidence in God's favor on his life that helped him make one of the greatest, boldest, most audacious calls in football history?
All that would make perfect sense to me, just as it would make perfect sense to me that strong faith enables others to endure terrible hardship and suffering.
Interestingly, the Eagles' players were so well-known for their commitment to the Lord that New England's Matthew Slater, himself a strong believer, said this while meeting with the media last week: "I really appreciate [Carson Wentz's] boldness for the Gospel, how he represents Christ day in and day out. And it's not only him. You know, Nick [Foles] does that as well. Chris Maragos. Brother Burton. I mean, there are a lot of brothers over there that stand firm for what they believe in, they represent the Gospel in a tremendous fashion."
And now, thanks to their incredible victory, these men will have a platform for the rest of their lives to share their faith. Could the Lord have helped orchestrate that?

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Can truth be known?

There Is Actually a Great Deal of Evidence for the Christian Worldview

It is true that a theistic God exists? Go ahead, and test your knowledge.

Can Christianity be proven? Contrary to popular belief that the Christian faith is based on unproven assumptions, there is actually a great deal of evidence for the Christian worldview. This is a 12 point reasoning process, in extremely short form, indicating a reasoning route beginning at "Can truth be known?"
1. Truth about reality is knowable.
  • a. The phrase "all truth is relative" actually contradicts itself, the statement is making an objective claim while at the same time suggesting that all ideas must be relative. That is an obvious contradiction. (Road-runner tactic)
  • b. All sorts of facts are knowable, such as: mathematics, history, science, rules of logic, finances, and systems of law. The whole world functions on objective truths; philosophy and religion don't become "relative" just because it's intellectually convenient.
  • c. We don't need absolute proof to take action, we only need proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
2. The law of non-contradiction indicates that what is opposite of true must be false.
3. It is true that a theistic God exists.
  • a. The fine tuning of the universe proves God exists
  • b. The fact of a cosmic beginning shows that God exists
  • c. The order and design in nature and human DNA proves that God exists
  • d. The reality of good and evil and objective morality proves that God exists
  • e. Only an infinite God with infinite power could create the universe, time, space and humanity. ( An infinite God is singular, in that multiple gods could not all be infinite, only one God is needed, an infinite God, therefore God must be a theistic God, one God. )
4. If God exists then miracles are possible.
  • a. An infinite God can interact within the universe He created in any way he desires, so miracles are not a problem for this theistic God.
5. Miracles are useful as evidence and confirmation of a message from God.
6. The Bible is historically reliable.
  • a. Over 5,000 manuscripts validate the Bible as unaltered and historically reliable
  • b. Archaeological evidence agrees with biblical descriptions of history.
  • c. Respected ancient historians cite facts that match with the biblical narrative
7. The New Testament says that Jesus claimed to be God.
  • a. "I and the Father are one." –John 10:30 ESV
  • b. Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am." –John 8:58 ESV
  • c. "So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath." –Mark 2:28 NIV
8. Jesus' claim to be God was miraculously confirmed by:
  • a. His fulfillment of many prophecies about Himself
  • b. His sinless and miraculous life
  • c. His crucifixion and resurrection
9. Therefore, Jesus is God.
10. Whatever Jesus (Who is God) teaches must be true.
  • a. If Jesus Christ is God, then anything Jesus teaches must be absolutely true, given the requirements for God include infinite knowledge, infinite ability, moral purity, and a living embodiment of the truth.
11. Jesus taught that the Bible is the word of God.
  • a. "For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished," Matt. 5:18 NASB
  • b. "The Scripture cannot be broken" –John 10:35b NASB
  • c. "Your word is truth" –John 17:17b NASB
From a basis of imperative (necessity) the greatest question of life itself must be: How can we overcome death? The clock is after all ticking for all of us. Well, there is only one who has successfully overcome death.If Jesus Christ is really God, then the Bible must be the word of God, because Jesus considered the Bible the word of God. Given these 12 points, Christianity is true beyond a reasonable doubt.
How should you respond? First step, do more research. Second step, think about it. Third step, actually pray about it and ask God to reveal Himself to you.
Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead? If Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead, then He can do the same for us, as God, and for that reason, eternal life, the holy grail itself becomes available to us!
If the reasoning is sound, and you've come to believe that these facts are true, then commit your life to Jesus Christ, commit to serve Him and live by His standards put forth in the New Testament. And you will live forever. It's as simple as that. Believe on Jesus Christ, believe God raised Him from the dead, and commit your way to His teachings. If the goal is to believe what is actually true, then you ought to believe Christianity.

Note: The 12 points discussed are drawn from Dr. Norman Geisler and Frank Turek's book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. Some additions and adjustments were made by Justin Steckbauer.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Biological Miracles of Frozen Wood Frogs and Alligators

Brumation vs. hibernation

Frozen Frog

Alligators Stuck in Frozen Swamps Surviving The Winter

Like snorkelers who picked a particularly bad time to take a dip, these alligators at Shallotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina are trapped in frozen waters – and in these hostile, icy conditions, an ancient survival mechanism is kicking in.
Ordinarily, these alligators would be spending their time sun-bathing or resting along the bottom of their swamp, but in a video captured by staff at the Swamp Park, we can see the animals adopting a very different pose on account of the punishing cold spell currently blasting the US.
What they're doing is called brumation, which is similar to hibernation, and involves the reptiles' metabolism slowing down dramatically and going into a lethargic state, in response to very cold temperatures.
Usually, these alligators would brumate at the bottom of their swamp, coming up at least once a day for air. These are not usual times, however.
In the aftermath of a bomb cyclone, it looks like the alligators are adopting a different survival strategy, positioning themselves – or at least their snouts – at the surface of their frozen swamp, giving them ready access to air while the bitter winter persists...

In Alaska, wood frogs freeze for seven months, thaw and hop away

Frozen Frog
Biological Miracle
Biological Miracle - Gates Of The Arctic National Park & Preserve (U.S. National Park Service)
(videos in the above link.)
Freezing Solid
The most remarkable thing about wood frogs happens not in the summer when they transform from tadpoles to frogs, but in the winter when they hibernate.
...Most frogs survive northern winters by hibernating deep under water, in ponds, lakes and streams—they are cold and dormant but their body temperature never falls below freezing.
Wood frogs have a different strategy. They hibernate by nestling down into the leafy litter on the forest floor. The leaves, duff and overlying snow give some insulation from extreme cold, but the frogs are not protected from subfreezing temperatures as they would be if they chose the underwater strategy.

...For most other animals, survival depends on protecting themselves from any condition that could freeze their flesh. Why is freezing so dangerous? Several things can happen: If ice crystals form inside an animal they can puncture blood vessels. When blood freezes, there is no mechanism to deliver oxygen and nutrients to organs, so extreme metabolic damage occurs. And ice severely injures cells by drawing out water and causing dehydration, scrambling the interior structure of cells and fracturing the cell walls. The result is pervasive and deadly internal damage.
..Yet wood frogs have evolved?? ways to freeze solid for up to eight months each year. They’ve accomplished what would seem to be a biological miracle. How do they pull this off?
At the beginning of winter, ice quickly fills the wood frog’s abdominal cavity and encases the internal organs. Ice crystals form between layers of skin and muscle. The eyes turn white because the lens freezes.
At the same time, the wood frog’s liver produces large amounts of glucose that flushes into every cell in its body. This syrupy sugar solution prevents the cells from freezing and binds the water molecules inside the cells to prevent dehydration.
So on the one hand, the wood frog’s body allows ice to form around the outsides of cells and organs; and on the other hand, it prevents ice from forming inside the cells--thus avoiding the lethal damage suffered by most animals when they freeze.
What does a hibernating wood frog look like? There is no muscle movement. No heartbeat. No breathing. For the entire winter, the wood frog is like a lump of hard, frigid, icy stone carved in the shape of a frog. But it’s alive, in a state of suspended animation.
In spring, the wood frog thaws from the inside outward. First the heart starts beating. Then the brain activates. Finally, the legs move.
Nobody yet understands what starts the wood frog’s heart after being frozen and inert for the entire northern winter. Once the frog is fully thawed, it heads off through the woods to find a breeding pond or other suitable water.
The wood frog is completely undamaged by conditions that would be fatal to nearly all other animals...
Wood Frogs and Humans
Glucose in the wood frog's blood keeps it from freezing during the extreme arctic winter temperatures. This is the same as the blood sugar in all vertebrate animals, including humans.
Hibernating wood frogs can tolerate blood sugar levels 100 times higher than normal without the damage suffered by human diabetics when their blood sugar is only 2 to 10 times above normal. Understanding how frogs can do this might provide valuable knowledge to help in the management of high blood sugar in people with diabetes.
Also, the wood frog's ability to withstand freezing may help researchers discover how human organs used for transplants could be frozen and thawed without damage. This would increase the allowable time between removing an organ from a donor and implanting it within the recipient, which could make many more transplants possible.
Researchers are also interested in how the wood frog's body can stop blood circulation and start it again many months later without blood clots or other injuries. Understanding the mechanism which allows this could be valuable for treating people after their blood flow is temporarily halted by heart attack or stroke.

( my comment:) How those almost frozen solid dead wood frogs restart their engines ( hearts) and thaw themselves in the spring, is really amazing! Only their Creator God can pull out this biological trick, don't you think? Those of you who firmly believe in Evolution theory, could you tell me how those smart wood frogs have researched and developed with the best strategy to freeze themselves but maintaining high glucose level 100 times than normal to safeguard their blood not totally frozen? Think about it, before they could find this amazing solution and evolve, their species would have all perished as we all know any researches are very time consuming. Nevertheless, no matter how amazing these phenomena are, many just use a leap of faith and assume that the wood frogs "evolve" ( a magic word indeed). see also the link below.

Related story: Toad tries to eat bat, park ranger gets this crazy photo

A toad easting up a bat, unusual photo captured.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Baby is Only One Year Younger Than Her Mom!

  • Dear friends:

    Do you still have doubts about virgin birth of Jesus? If advanced science could have achieved creating baby girl only one year younger than her mom, then, is there anything difficult for God our Creator to do?
  • Where did our lives come from? God our Creator is the One who gave us our  lives to start with.
  • Jesus is the reason for this season, it is a pity that He is still outside of many people's hearts while they celebrate Christmas! 
  • (You may also click the following 2 links in this blog for further thinking)

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Woman Gives Birth to Child Who Is Only a Year Younger Than She Is

Tina Wren went to the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they received a donated embryo. It turns out, that embryo had been created through IVF and frozen 24-years earlier...
Tina and her husband Benjamin married seven years ago, but the couple assumed they could not have biological children because Benjamin has cystic fibrosis, which often results in infertility. They fostered a few children, until Tina's father suggested embryo adoption.
Tina gave birth to the baby she received. She told reporters, "This embryo and I could have been. This is the process by which couples who use in vitro fertilization (IVF) donate unused frozen embryos to other couples. The Wrens went to the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they received a donated embryo. It turns out, that embryo had been created through IVF and frozen 24-four years earlier.
...The baby who was born to die
...If it were not necessary for Jesus to be born in Bethlehem's stable and die on Calvary's cross, he would not have done so. Our Savior gave up splendor in heaven beyond our ability to imagine (cf. Revelation 4:2-11) to become a helpless infant born to peasant parents and laid in a rough feed trough. His life on earth was marked by weariness (John 4:6Matthew 8:24), homelessness (Matthew 8:20), and rejection by his own family (Mark 3:21John 7:5) and the crowds he served (Matthew 27:23). He suffered horrific torture (John 19:1) and execution (v. 23).

Worst of all, he bore our sins on his sinless soul (2 Corinthians 5:21), a cost none of us can begin to understand.

I fear that we take Christmas for granted. Many in our culture ignore Jesus' birth completely, while others pause only briefly to consider his incarnational sacrifice before proceeding to open presents, eat a meal, and watch football. Even those who are most devoted to him can all too easily overlook the price he paid to become one of us that we might be one with him.

But if there were another way to save our lost souls, Jesus would have taken it. He was the only baby in all of human history who knew His life and death before His birth. And He would be born to die all over again, just for you.When last did you thank Christ for Christmas?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

There Are No Atheists in Hell!

Image result for no atheist on a sinking ship
There are no Atheists on a sinking ship! All cry out to God!

Why Wasn't Jesus Beheaded? 


...There are no atheists in hell, and there are no regrets in heavenBy the time a person reaches his/her eternal home, all misgivings about God and eternity are pushed aside in the face of either intense joy or unrelenting pain.
...Jesus often spoke about heaven and hell as real places where people will indeed spend eternity.
You could state it this way: The eternal God suffered temporary hell on the cross, in order to redeem mortal man from suffering eternally in hell, and to grant eternal perfection in paradise to all who accept the Son of God as Savior.
In addition, no one can rightly say that Jesus doesn't understand what people go through in life when they experience suffering. As the author of Hebrews put it, "We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are - yet was without sin." (Heb. 4:15)
The crucifixion of Christ speaks volumes about sin, grace, punishment, redemption, heaven, hell, and the Lord's ability to relate to those who suffer today in our fallen world.
While Jesus could have been beheaded, that is not the way God chose for it to play out. As Isaiah foretold, "He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces He was despised, and we esteemed Him not." (Isaiah 53:3)
With that in mind, what will you do in response to Christ's sacrifice on the cross? Will you repent and believe the good news, or will you reject the message of salvation and live your life as though Jesus didn't die for your 
...There are no atheists in hell, and there are no regrets in heaven. By the time a person reaches their eternal home, all misgivings about God and eternity are pushed aside in the face of either intense joy or unrelenting pain. There is no middle ground in eternity, but there was a middle cross where the Lord of glory suffered and died for sinners who needed a Savior.
The critical event necessary for our eternal salvation took place 2000 years ago on a hill just outside Jerusalem. Imagine that? The King of Kings suffered, died, and rose again in order to win freedom, peace, and everlasting comfort for everyone who repents of their sin and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior. (Acts 2:38; John 1:12)
As you reflect upon the intense agony Christ endured on the cross, are you ready to follow the Messiah and believe that Jesus is your Savior from sin, death, and hell?
Isaiah prophesied: "He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth; He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so He did not open His mouth." (Isaiah 53:7)
When John the Baptist saw Jesus approaching, he said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29)
A well-known hymn written by Charlotte Elliott in 1835 describes the path one takes when coming to Jesus, and perhaps this declaration of faith will become your own:
"Just as I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidd'st me come to Thee,

O Lamb of God, I come, I come."

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Related image

Pastor Whose 14-Y-O Daughter Died in Texas Church Shooting: 'I Don't Understand, but I Know My God Does'

(** I assume God understands this pastor's pains and others who lost their loved ones' pains in this most current church shooting, because God was there when His Son Jesus died for us on the cross, so He knows first hand in person the pains and sufferings of losing one's sons or daughters and loved ones.)

..."After this crazy week of different people passing away it really should tell us life is only for a moment and we're dying everyday and where you spend eternity is the most important thing. Not money, not jobs, not education, not possessions just the ones you love and your relationship with Jesus."